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How to Make Writer Depression Work for You

We’re writers. Flair, drama, brooding, unique fashion sense, and lying over the backs of furniture likely pervade our lives (or at least the lives of some of the writers you know). And why? Well, we’ll leave that to someone else to explore fully.

I’m here to admit that that happens. It’s a good thing! Something to celebrate, even. Drama is great to use in your writing, brooding can make for good characterization, and lying over the backs of furniture gives as an Oscar Wilde-style workout—fashionable, while being artistic!

Photo of Oscar Wilde sitting and leaning against a couch, on a fur blanket

But what about the other side of all that? The darker side, if you will? What about the depression, and the myriad of other things historical writers have succumbed to? Alcoholism, drugs, etc.? What happens to turn a flair for the dramatic into ugly realism?

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