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Happy Wednesday! Today is a special Wednesday for me becaaaaause….today is my birthday! Yay! And I’m happy to be celebrating it with you!

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I started a new job last week, and it really helped bring some things to my attention. Despite having a new job and the new stresses that come with it, I have still been using my time to write my novel—and I think that’s pretty wonderful.

In addition, I spoke with someone recently who told me about the fan-fiction they have been working on for 15 years, and how they wanted to get it published, but were worried about sending it in and having their work stolen.

I offered my knowledge on publication, but was dismissed because of his own disinterest—and that’s when I realized:

There are dreamers, and there are doers.

Dreamers write their book for 15 years and then worry about it being stolen, and, being so worried, keep it to themselves without ever really trying to get it published—without taking active steps, I should say; doers write their book, attend classes, workshops, conferences, research publication processes and literary agents, etc.

Now don’t get me wrong—there is nothing wrong with dreaming.

Rapunzel looking out the window, dreaming of being able to go out into the world

Dreaming and keeping that dream alive are necessary steps to take for attaining your goals. But here’s the catch—they are a step; they are not the goal. Dreaming in action is just that: taking action. It’s writing when you don’t want to. Believing in your dream when you don’t believe in yourself; believing in yourself when you don’t believe in your dream. It’s writing when you’re tired. It’s saying no to hanging out with friends. Having the discipline to push back the desire to Netflix binge until after you’ve done your writing for the day. It’s learning when to rest, and when to work, and realizing that there is a time for both.

But to be a doer, you have to dream while you work.

And really, I think this is one of the biggest differences between someone who only dreams versus someone who dreams while they’re working. Keeping in mind your goals is healthy—thinking about them and not taking action toward them means you are, by your very choices and actions, proving that something else (sleep, Netflix, games) is more important.


When you put your dreams into action, it is a kind of work. But the best part about that is that it’s work worth doing.

So this week I want to encourage you to notice where you’re putting your time—where you’re setting your priorities. You don’t have to write a whole novel every time you sit down, but when you sit down you write, that’s what you should be doing. And when you come away from the keyboard one day? You’re going to be an author.

And that, my friends, is the dream.

With Grace,

Alyssa Grace Moore

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